Welcome to the CLDM community!

Hi! We are Kelly & Eric, a couple of San Diego grown-ups who never stopped playing with their food or treating workouts like recess. We created this blog to share our healthy recipes, fitness routines, and wellness research with other 9-to-5ers who just don’t have the time to research this shit on their own. Our posts are unpretentious and littered with swear words, just like our real lives. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some food, fitness & F bombs.

We Heart Healthy Food

We are real, normal people who were lucky to grow up eating whole, nutritious food around the family dinner table. We both learned a love of cooking early on, and we strive to create easy-to-follow recipes that are gluten-freesugar-free, and mostly dairy-free. All of the ingredients we use can be found in any grocery store (because seriously, who has the time to run all over town in search of some obscure, bullshit ingredient?). It pains us to hear about people who are “too busy” to cook healthy, whole foods…and we’re here to help.

We Sweat Fitness

We are both athletic and love to stay fit, but with full-time jobs and a serious affection for happy hour, we’ve realized just how hard it can be to prioritize daily exercise. Relying on years of sports training, we’ve honed the best tips and tricks to make our workouts fast and effective, no matter where in the world we’re doing them. Our philosophy is FUNctional fitness (pun totally intended). We like to mix it up with body weight, fitness bands, and everyday objects in our workouts—no overpriced gym membership required!

Meet the Team

Meet Kelly

A Washingtonian turned California girl, Kelly is the writer and photographer behind this blog. Her background is in journalism and digital marketing, but what she really loves is convincing people to do month-long detoxes with her.

Kelly has a soft spot for rescue animals and dreams of the day she can move back to Italy. She also uses curse words like commas.

Meet Eric

Eric almost accepted a full ride to culinary school, but decided instead to follow his love of the links all the way to San Diego. When he’s not coming up with inventive recipes for this blog, he is working towards his PGA Class A license to become a golf pro at a prestigious Southern California country club.

Eric loves a strong dark roast, shooting even par, and proving to Kelly that his sometimes bizarre creations really will taste delicious.

Meet Sailor

The official taste tester, mascot, and chief security guard of the Clean Living Dirty Mouth empire, Sailor is a wily border collie mix who loves pizza, chasing bunnies, and long walks on the beach. Don’t worry if you drop a crumb in our kitchen. It’ll be retrieved before it even hits the floor.